What are Vlogging and Blogging? Difference of blog Vs vlog

Written by Alok | Updated on September 12, 2022

What is Vlogging and Blogging? Or what is the difference between a vlog or blog? Most of the newbies are confused between both of these terms but not anymore.

In this article, I will give you all the information that helps you understand the actual difference between blogging vs vlogging.

Moreover, if you are entirely new to blogging or vlogging, this article will give you a clear vision of which profession you can go with and make your carrier.

So without any further delay, let’s start.


Difference between a Blog and Vlog

The primary difference between a blog and a vlog is – A blog is a website that contains written information on events, information, news, and many more. However, a vlog includes a video format of content. If you are good at writing stories or informational topics, blogging is best to start your career. On the other hand, if you are good at creating videos, vlogging is best for you.

What Are Blogs and Vlogs for?

Now when you know the basics of a blog and a vlog, let’s find out what Blogs and Vlogs are for?

So, both blogs and vlogs have the same objective of generating traffic for a business or a website to generate revenues. The aim to generate traffic could be for personal branding or promoting their business.

Talking about the platform for blogging, the popular platforms are WordPress, Wix, and Blogger. On the other hand, you can use Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, and YouTube for vlogging.

However, I have a few friends who are doing both of them at a time, and if you are also good at it, you can also do the same where you can write blog posts for your readers and create vlogs to entertain your views.

What is a Blog?

A blog is an online journal where you can write all your thoughts or share the knowledge you are willing to share with the world. The information available on the blog is in the form of text, and to explain it more clearly, you are also using images and gifs. 

Moreover, you need a computer to document your information and publish it on platforms like WordPress or Bloggers for creating a blog.

Talking about the topic a blogger can write on could be anything. Bloggers can write on electronic devices, educational topics, the latest technologies, and many more.

You can pick any topic as per your interest and create a blog on that topic. It’s entirely your area of interest. The person running the blog is known as a blogger.

What is a Vlog?

A vlog is a short video form that the content creators create to entertain their audience. You can use a DSLR camera and a mic to create vlogs. You can use platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and many more for vlogging.

Talking about the topics a vlogger can create content could be anything like their daily activities, showing the preparation of street foods, traveling videos, and many more.

If you are also planning to start your vlog, you can pick any categories, start making videos, and publish them on the respective platforms.

Blog Vs Vlog

Initiated in 1990 and became more popular in 2004Started in 2000 and became popular in 2004
Platforms used for blogging are WordPress, Wix, BloggerPlatforms used for Vlogging are YouTube, Facebook and many more.
Blogs are a written form of content where text, images, and Gif are used to create the content.A vlog is a video form of content where the content is available in the form of a video
To run a blog costs you high as you have to buy your own hosting to keep your blog live.Vlogs can be hosted on other hosting like YouTube, Facebook, where you don’t have to pay anything to keep your video live.
A blog can’t be streamed live Vlogs can be streamed live events 
To generate traffic need quality content to write onTo generate more traffic need to use trending topics 
The cost of maintaining a blog is highThe cost of maintaining a vlog is inexpensive
Anyone can start blogging who is good at writing content Anyone can start vlogging who is good at speaking and presenting things on camera

Which one is best- Vlogging and Blogging?

Now when you know about the difference between a blog and a vlog, then the next question you might ask is vlogging and blogging which one is best?

Well, the answer is simple which one you are good in. If you are a good writer who can write quality content and can do SEO and rank your website on google’s first page, then blogging is one of the best options for you.

On the other hand, if you are good at presenting yourself in front of the camera, a good speaker, good at creating videos and editing them, you can start your career in vlogging.

To start with, blogging or vlogging does not mean you have to know everything. You can collaborate with multiple people as a team and start your blog or vlog, but to establish a brand, you must learn the basics.

However, no one is perfect at vlogging or blogging from day one, and the same goes with you, but you can improve yourself for sure.

It’s only the choice to choose your interest over passion if you have an interest in doing blogging, but you are saying I am passionate about vlogging. It will never work for you. 

History of Vlogging

Now it’s time to know more about vlogging, as when it does start and what will be the future of Vlogging? So vlogging was first started in 2000, but the first time this platform gained popularity was in 2004.

The primary reason behind the success of vlogging is YouTube. YouTube first came into the picture in Feb 2005 when people got to know that they could share their videos on a portal without paying any amount.

YouTube creates a market for all the vloggers where a vlogger can earn with Youtube by publishing their vlogs on their platform.

Talking about the content so you can publish almost everything like your traveling videos, showing the video where you are enjoying your street food, and many more. 

History of Blogging

Blogging was first introduced in 1990 and took almost 14 years to gain popularity. In 2004 people started to know that by doing blogging also, they could earn when some bloggers have shared their revenue on the internet.

A famous blogger, Mr. Harsh Agarwal and Mr. Anil Agarwal were the first individuals from India who showed the world that anyone can earn by blogging.

Blogging is perfect for those who loves writing and sharing their information with the world by publishing their thoughts blog. Nowadays, blogging is so popular that you can find a blog on every topic you are searching for.

Moreover, blogging is one of the best platforms for people like me who want to express themself but at the same time don’t want to face cameras.

So if you also have the same perspective, blogging is one of the best platforms to start and create a source of income.

How to start a blog in 2022?

Well, to start a blog, the first thing you can start with is the niche selection. Selecting a niche or a topic is one of the most crucial things. Always choose the niche you are interested in and can write on.

The reason is simple: you can’t write on a topic for a long time without interest, and blogging is all about writing quality content.

Millions of blogs are already available on the Internet in almost all niches, and without producing quality content, you can’t beat them. So pick the niche carefully.

Once you get your niche, in the very next step, you have to pick a name that defines your niche.

So, for example, if you prefer a niche like Smartphones, you can choose a domain name like mobile21.com. It’s just an example. You can pick the best according to your business. 

Once you finalize the domain name, just buy it from any domain providers like Namecheap, Godaddy.com, or other providers. It’s up to you. After purchasing a domain name, it’s time to buy the hosting.

Once you buy hosting for your business, you will host your blog, install a blogging platform like WordPress or WIX, and start your career in blogging. I know starting blogging is not a few-step job, so I can’t put that all here.

However, I have already published a separate article on the complete process of how to start a blog in 2022. So, If you are willing to start a blog, you must read the article. It will help you to create your blog from scratch.

How to start a vlog in 2022?

Starting a vlog is much easier than starting a blog. You need domains, hosting, and other things to create a blog. However, you only need a camera and a microphone to start a vlog.

Like blogging in vlogging, you don’t have to pick any niche. You can publish your traveling vlog, or you can also publish your vlog, which you might create while eating in a restaurant or enjoying street foods.

Revenue model in blog vs vlog?

Talking about the revenue model in the blog so you can earn via Google Adsense, or you can do affiliate marketing where you can promote a product, and you will get a certain amount of commission if someone purchases the product from your affiliate link.

Moreover, you can also earn through sponsored posts or by putting someone’s banners on your blog.

Talking about the vlog so you can also do affiliate marketing and review a product. You can also use Google Adsense to generate revenue. You can also earn by promoting other’s businesses on your channel.

Overall, both blogging and vlogging have the almost same revenue model. 

Types of vlog you can start in 2022?

Now, once you know the revenue model of each blog and Vlog, let’s find what type of Vlog you can start in 2022.

1. Technology vlog: You can create videos of unboxing or reviewing a product. This is one of the most popular media to start your career in. It is one of the most comparative niches. Howerver, if you are interested in reviewing the products, this is one of the evergreens niches to start.

2. Food vlogging:  If you are a food lover, then food vlogging is another best niche to start with, where you can create content by sharing the foods people can eat in different locations.

3. Traveling vlog: This is another evergreen niche. During the covid, this niche has suffered a lot. However, now that the situation changes as covid cases decrease, starting a vlog on traveling. You can create a vlog of the different locations you travel to. 

4. Fashion vlog: You can start this right from your home. You don’t need any team or costly equipment to start the Vlog. You can share simple tips and tricks on doing makeup at home and earn via affiliate marketing by recommending the products. 

5. Musical Vlog:  If you are good at playing instruments like Piano, Guitar, drum, or something else, you can start a vlog where you can teach your viewers the art you know. Talking about the revenue model, along with Google Adsense, you can sell your paid course.

These are a few vlogs you can start in 2022. There are a lot more other niches you can start with.

Types of Blog you can start in 2022?

After the types of vlogs, now is time to check a few Niche ideas of blogs that you can start with.

1. Digital Marketing: Digital marketing is one of the most trending topics nowadays and has a bright future. If you are interested in digital marketing, you can share your knowledge of digital marketing with your readers.

2. Technology: Like vlog, you can also write reviews or comparison-related articles for your readers where they can read all the specifications of the product. You can use your affiliate links like Amazon affiliates to earn revenue.

3. Event blogging: Event blogging is one of the most prominent ways to start a blog where you can target events like Holi, Diwali, and many more and sell the product in demand according to the event you are targeting. 

4. Educational blog: If you are interested in teaching and have good knowledge about a specific topic, you can start publishing that content. So, for example, if you have a good understanding of Cyber security, you can create a blog and sell your course via it.

5. Business blog: If you have an excellent team specializing in a specific field, you can start your own agency and sell your services via your blog. Digital marketing agencies are the best examples of that.

Can You Blog and Vlog Together?

Can I Blog and Vlog Together? It is one of the most common questions everyone asks whenever they come to know about vlogging and blogging. The answer is Yes.

Many of my friends are doing the same where they are running a vlog along with the blog. So you also can do the same.

You can start a vlog where you write blogs on a specific product and then make videos of that by doing the unboxing.

Similarly, you can make a vlog about street food and share the recipe on your blog post along with how to cook the food at home. These are some of the examples you can do a lot more.

Conclusion: What is Vlogging and Blogging?

By reading this article, I hope you have now a clear idea about what vlogging and blogging are. If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comment section. 

Blogging or vlogging, which one you are going to start in 2022? Let me know in the comment section.

If you know someone who is also confused between blogging and vlogging, please share the article with them and help them pick the right platform.

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