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You need to have become aware of Typhoid fever. Here are couple of truths about Typhoid fever-

It is a bacterial infection (salmonella pressures) May be deadly if not dealt with properlyIt spreads through polluted food and waterThere might be asymptomatic providers of typhoid, who bring the germs without symptomsThere is no treatment apart from the prescription antibiotics

Symptoms of Typhoid

An individual begins to reveal the following signs after 1 or more weeks of an infection.

High- grade fever with rose-colored rashes over neck and abdomenAbdominal painA HeadacheWeaknessConstipation Or diarrhoeaLoss of hunger

Treatment &&diet plan for Typhoid Fever

The efficient and only treatment is antibiotic treatment according to the condition of an individual. A physician recommends a course of prescription antibiotics and it is recommended not to leave the treatment in between. Diet plan plays an essential function in the healing.

Diet ideas for Typhoid fever

Avoid raw fruit and vegetablesConsume a high protein dieteat just pasteurized dairy productsEat home-cooked, least spicy and quickly absorbable food onlyTake care of health, consume just boiled &&cooled water

With these suggestions, you can accelerate the procedure of healing.

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