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This is a Raspberry pi Zero W gaming system with 6711 games. I have added a 16GB sd-card with retro pie loaded and installed over 6711 games. I am also including a SNES style controller. Message me for more details. Games and systems included below. Check out pictures for more information. System is ready to play. Just plug into your TV with an HDMI cable. Systems and games includedAtari 2600 – 608LYNX – 76GameGear – 258Game boy – 498Gameboy Advance 40Gameboy Color 547Mame/Arcade -1949 (some of these don’t work or are glitchy)Sega master system 69Megadrive / Genesis 767Neo Geo – 100NES – 809PC Engine/ TurboGrafx 16 – 159PlayStation 4Sega 32X – 36SEGA CD – 4SNES – 787

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